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Cork Lobster Placemats & Coasters

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One of the most delectable delicacies from the deep blue sea is the lobster. Whether or not you enjoy them as a meal, it's undeniable that the unique shape of the crustacean creates an eye-catching and instantly recognisable silhouette.

Such a silhouette is the centre of the design on these lobster placemats and coasters. The seaside theme of the cork and lobster items makes these a thoughtful gift for someone who lives by the ocean, or just loves everything to do with the wide open waters.

Lobster Placemats:
250mm Diameter x 10mm Depth

Lobster Coasters:
100mm Diameter x 10mm Depth

These lobster placemats and coasters are made out of cork, which is a heat- and water-resistant material that will protect your surfaces from hot mugs or saucepans while being easy to wipe clean. Cork is a naturally sustainable, renewable and recyclable material that ensures you’re investing in an environmentally friendly product.

These lobster placemats and coasters are part of the large collection of cork and melamine placemats that are available for purchase online or in the Jessica Hogarth Shop, found along the seaside of North Yorkshire among other Robin Hood’s Bay shops.

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